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Project Proposal #01272020 Prepared for: Production / Studio Space Plan & Plumbing

Client: Keshaun Fields & Team

Presentation Prepared by: Scott Tucker, Senior Project Manager / GC RAUNJIBA Design & Construction

Jan 27, 2020

Primary Goal: Field measure for plan development / consult on plumbing construction & requirements.

Interior Design Consultation & Space Planning 

Updated project photos

Studio Commercial Carpet Samples 

Updated project photos

Selected Paint Samples 

Updated project photos

(Rear Bathroom, ADA Bathroom Floor Tile Installed)

Updated project photos

(Rear Bathroom, ADA Bathroom & Studio framing prepared for soundproofing & drywall)

Rear Bathroom & ADA Bathroom ready for drywall.

All drains installed & new water lines installed.  plumber to complete roughin 4/16)

Washer Dryer hook up next to ADA bathroom.

(To be framed as closet.)

Music studio framed & ready for soundproofing. Electrician to adjust outlets and switches  4/20)

(Below) Double walled pitched face sound booth. (window size TBD, approx 30"X 40"

pics (First layer of sound proofing)

Updated project photos

(Studio Paint Colors)

Updated project photos

(Plumbing Progress)

Updated project photos

(4 Bathroom Floor Tile Samples)

Updated project photos

(Studio Paint Colors)





Project Proposal #03212020

Prepared for: Music Studio / Salon Space Plan & Plumbing 4217 Howard Ave, Kensington, MD 20895 Client: Keshaun Fields

Prepared by: Scott Tucker, Senior Project Manager / GC March 21, 2020


Primary Goal: Building renovation / upgrade, reconfigure plumbing 

P1. Framing, drywall & finish: (2x4 studded walls) ADA Bathroom Extension Reception Closet Main Studio entry Lavatory 002 completion Install doors: 1) Sliding Glass 5068 3) Wood 2668 2) Louvered 3468 2) Steel 2668


P2. Dry wall repair, painting & finish all plumbing & electrical renovated areas 

P3. 12” x 12” Ceramic Tile floors Lavatories BR0012 & BR002 

P4. Plumbing reconfiguration & installation This estimate provided by Endless plumbing LLC. To install plumbing rough in installation. At 4217 Howard ave. Kensington, Maryland. For the following fixtures: 1/ Full bathroom 001 to include: (1)sink, (1)water closet (1)shower basin. Install / Reinstall sinks:1 - 8 1/Half Bath 002(ADA) including (1)sink a nd (1)water closet.(3)sinks and (1)kitchen sink. Includes 1.6 cu. ft. White All-in-One Vented Electric Washer Dryer Combo, Installed The plumbing rough to be installed : (Dwv) drain,waste and vents. Installed with pvc pipe and fittings. In fabricated with the proper primer and cement. The water lines will be installed with cpvc pipe and fittings. In fabricated with one step cement. Install 50 Gal Hot Water / Expansion Tank Endless plumbing LLC. will be responsible for all installed plumbing work. In the passing of plumbing rough in inspection. 

Rear Restroom

With Shower Addition

Handicap Restroom Addition

Break Room Kitchen

Class Stations

Permanent Make Up Salons

Music & Editing Studio's

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