Project #071320 

4803 Belle Ave, Gwynn Oaks MD 21207

Client: Phil Epps & family

Rear yard Shed / Garage Design Build

Screen Shot 07-13-20 at 06.23 AM.PNG
Screen Shot 07-13-20 at 06.03 AM.PNG

Tasks include:

1. Demo of existing construction. 

2. Pour 4" concrete slab floor.

3. Reframe and construct double access garage / shed

    -Optional 6'x 8' treated wood front porch addition.

4. Propose 8' steel rollup door to allow full side to open 

    (model shown with 4' door) and metal side access door with lite.

Click here to view door at Granger

5. Optional single wall mounted unit Heat / AC 

6. Ceiling Insulation

Click below to view video fly around (Please turn on your sound)

Screen Shot 07-13-20 at 06.01 AM 001.PNG
4" Poured Concrete foundation
2" x 6" Preasure Treated foundation wall
3/8" anchor bolts fastened to 2"x4" fur stud frame
LED ceiling shop lights
Optional Heat / AC wall unit
R6 Rated ceiling insulation
Roofing layers include:
Polyisocyanurate Foam Board
7/16 CAT PS2-10 OSB Sheathing
Polypropylene Roof Underlayment

Union Corrugated Ribbed Metal roof panel.

Vinyl perforated sofft
Gutter drainage system
3 sliding vinyl windows 31" x 19" each
Lighting & electrical  installation
Screen Shot 07-13-20 at 06.23 AM 001.PNG