Residential Renovation 

2015 McCulloh St Baltimore MD 21217

Project Proposal #01212020 updated 2/19/2020

Prepared for: Steve e. Ballard and Maurice Thompson Project Contact: 773 301 1430


Project Status: Starting Phase 2 (Interior finish work) Awaiting delivery of custom windows. (contact below)


Project location: 2015 McCulloh St Baltimore MD 

Proposal prepared by : Scott Tucker, Senior Project Manager Jan 19, 2020


Project : Home Renovation (Punch List) 

Estimated Project Timeline 30 days: 3 - 4 weeks ( not including permit & inspection) 

Kitchen Wall Storage Ideas

Entry Podium Concepts

Red Oak    &   Bleached Wood

Task (Carpentry / Finish) checklist tasks

1 Fabricate & Install front restoration windows interior sills & frames (does not include window installation)

3 Utility Closet (Flooring Painted)

4 Closet Doors (Installed)

5 Storage Room (Mold Removed, and concrete flooring installed)

6 Stain Stairs Flooring & all stairs

7 Repair Master bath skylight and interior drywall

8 Build & install crown molding in living room

9 Move floor duct and install front entry step (alternative shelving)

10 Install Hardware (Kitchen)

11 Install shiplap wall in kitchen

12 Install (Fridge, Stove,, Microwave)

13 install additional banister railings 1st & 2nd

14 Install master BR closet shelving

15 Purchase & Install Master Bath Vanity,

16 hardware, & Mirror

17 Repair base molding / drywall and paint following elect & plumbing tasks 

Tile complete & repair 1 Tile repair & place in basement Shower 2 Tile floor & wall repair master bath 3 Threshold (Installed, all bathrooms) 4 Tile repair following fixture installation 

Carpet & Installation approx 1030sq’ 

Task (Plumbing Subcontractor) checklist tasks

1 Hot water heater install

2 Install all kitchen & bath plumbing fixtures

3 Install dishwasher & disposal

4 Install tub Price does not include faucets, double vanity, tub or Dish washer 

Task (Electrical Subcontractor) Executed by (electrician) contracted by owner. Tasks identified on electricians work order are Not responsibility of RAUNJIBA Design & Construction. $1275 Payment administered at discretion of the owner, following completion of work. 

Iron work AC bars and front railings 

(Exterior) checklist tasks

1 Clean out

2 Landscaping

3 Step & landing construction

4 Fencing

5 Paint front cornice 

HVAC tasks

1 Install 20 vent covers, registers & access panels

2 Install return duct 1st floor closet 

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